Sunday, 31 August 2014

Detoxification: Why you must Clean your body?

Give your body a good spring clean. A dream that we all cherish without knowing how to do it. 

Your body makes a wry face? You feel tired, you run out of enthusiasm, you sometimes have trouble sleeping? Do you have pimples, bags under the eyes or cellulite? Many signals that show that your body is overwhelmed. This is hardly surprising, stretched as we are between a diet high a sedentary lifestyle and a steady increase in air pollution.
As Tessa Thomas points out in "Natural Facelift" (Flammarion, 2001), "are as sophisticated as the liver and lymphatic system, they are faced today with an overabundance of toxins to which they are often unable to cope."The solution? Enjoying the spring to follow a "detoxification treatment". Specifically, it is clear the blood and lymph of all toxic sediments accumulated. Sharon Bell of is an expert in the field of detoxification.

You can choose between consolidate care that followed ten days to cure an express or spread gently over a month. The express treatment is recommended if you have already practiced a cure detox last year (one-year program is more than enough) or if you have a great lifestyle everyday. 

Anyway, remember that the first day will not necessarily be a cakewalk, and do not worry, fatigue, mood swings, headaches and minor skin problems are sometimes appointment you. They are a sign that toxins are being eliminated. Beware, however, this type of program is for people in good general health. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you are in any doubt about your ability to undertake it.

Lemon to stimulate the liver

The liver is a primary organ in the detoxification process. Because if its many functions, it is mainly tasked with eliminating waste and neutralize toxins circulating in the body. To stimulate, Jane Scrivner, author of "Detox, how to" (Marabout, 2001), recommends starting her day by drinking fresh lemon juice mixed with warm water . If stimulating and antiseptic lemon is known, it is less known is remarkably effective to boost congested livers.

Dandelion to relieve the kidneys

The kidneys filter the blood at a rate of seven liters per hour, eliminating through urine, useless or harmful substances. Dandelion, nicknamed the "big cleaning" function facilitates their removal. You can, of course, used in salads. Maurice Messegu√©, herbalist, advises to prepare tea, combined with the fumeterre, rosemary and nettle (four pinches of each in half a liter of water) to drink during the day. Dandelion is also available in capsules of powder "freeze-ground" (in pharmacies).

Treat yourself to a real detox health

Tonus: Liver, kidneys, skin ... It is they who, day after day, cleanse our body. Congested, tired, they hardly work. A few simple principles help to relieve and revive their business.

Normally we do not need to make any special treatment because we are equipped with organs can detoxify our body in as: liver cleanses the blood, the kidneys remove toxins, protects the skin bacteria. But that is not always enough.Stress, poor diet, medications disrupt our self-cleaning mechanisms. Gradually, the body is overwhelmed, it gets dirty and exhausted.Relieving our natural filters, we can ease the burden of this unexplained fatigue.
Lighten your liver

Warning Signs

You make bile? The term is not meaningless. In Chinese medicine, it is at the meridian of the gallbladder, liver-related, which is to relieve anxiety. "Key to Body digestion, the liver makes bile, necessary to digest fats, helps break down various substances and filters toxins from the blood," says Arnaud Maloubier, nutritionist and diabetes specialist. The liver is what a "silent" body called: most often, her troubles do not give rise to any symptoms. When stretched, it does not suffer directly, but it increases the stomach upsets breath and transit. To treat it delicately, Arnaud Maloubier recommends some rules of "hepatic coaching."

Good habits

Avoid excess white sugar and processed products (quiches, pizzas, shepherd's pie, lasagna or pastries), too high in saturated fat and salt.
daily Eat vegetables (especially artichokes, cynarin containing a depurative natural, and chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant substance) and especially fruits (preferably organic). The lemon detox fruit remains the quintessential "Very rich in fructose (fruit sugar good), half a lemon juice daily reduces congestion in the liver and facilitates the work of elimination of bile," says Arnaud Maloubier.

Treat yourself each month, one to two vegetarian days to ease digestion. Finally, herbal medicine is very useful in liver heaviness. Fennel, sage and rosemary facilitate the production and discharge of bile; the fumeterre, burdock and dandelion support a tired liver; Boldo relaxes this area. Do not exceed two courses of three weeks per year.

Relieve your kidneys

Warning signs

Genuine purification plant of our body, the kidneys filter blood, retain and eliminate waste. The challenge is to take care of a painless body: when one complains of backache, it is actually a muscular pain in the lower back. Result, kidney failure is often detected too late. Fatigue, hypertension, leg swelling, blood in the urine are not specific symptoms with renal dysfunction, but must bring to view.

Good habits

Do not drink too much! This is what we tend to do, with the idea that it facilitates the work of the kidneys. Or, said Professor Gilbert Deray, nephrologist, "drink does not eliminate," contrary to a well-known advertising pounds. "One and a half liters a day is a recommended amount in case of cystitis or kidney stones. Apart from these two situations, it makes no sense, "says nephrologist. A glass of water every two hours is actually more than enough.

Limit your intake of salt, which promotes the development of kidney stones, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs - aspirin, ibuprofen ... Overuse of this drug class, in addition to hurt the stomach, has deleterious effects on the kidneys. Eat less protein (meat, eggs, fish, dairy products ...). 

According to Philippe Chauveau, nephrologist, assimilation requires more work for the kidneys, which need to remove urea, a waste from processing. Be careful with protein diets. The recommendation of the National Health and Nutrition Programme (NFHP) is simple: consume protein once or twice a day, focusing on lean meats and fish, and vegetable proteins such as soy, grains and legumes.